Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January 2012 in Summary

We've had an extremely cold January with plenty of snow to boot.  We had a couple of weeks of temps below -10 and 3-4 feet of snow at least.  We're definitely glad now that Tim bought the snowblower this year! 

January 13 I had an interview with Central Peninsula Hospital for an opening they have at one of their clinics.  It has been a long drawn-out process that I sent my resume to be considered last July.  They didn't say anything after my interview until Feb 3, and that offer was pretty low (I'd have to take a $10,000 pay cut :(  ).  I made a counter offer and they are discussing it, so I still wait.  Fortunately I feel I am in a good place in that I do not have to change jobs.

There are a few things I don't like about my current job, but for the most part it isn't horrible.  The bottom line is that I need family medical insurance for my family of six.  I just don't think it is wise to go without it if I have an alternative.  Secondly, I've become pretty set in my Sabbatarian ways (ie, I like to keep the Sabbath on Saturday).  It is a special day to me.  I don't like to have to work on Saturdays, and my current job has not given me any alternatives to that.  I'm glad right now I only work 1 in 5 Saturdays, but if they can work out an acceptable salary, I won't have to work any Saturdays at all.  In November I asked for 1/2 day a week for administrative time in my current job.  They felt all they could give me was 1/2 day a month.  If I get this new job, it is built in for all the medical providers to get 1/2 day a week for administrative work.

Right now my job is doable, and I work with one of my best friends every day.  If the new job doesn't work, I'll still have an income and there are some good things about my current job that I will miss.  For example, I like my dictation alcove.  I've got it set up so that I have lots of helps around me that assist with my coding and such.  I appreciate the support staff that I have.  If I need someone to help with a needy patient who needs a little extra TLC before she goes, there are people who are right there.  Or if I have a coding question, there are about five people I know by name whom I can call and ask for help.  If a patient doesn't have money for their prescriptions they need, we have a full-time person who helps them find a program to get the medicines for free or for low cost, and we have another program in which we can buy the medication for them in extenuating circumstances.  The clinic is there to help people and we get it done!

The girls are doing well at school.  We have a science fair coming up, and we've been planning and starting 3 projects for that.

Well, I've got to go superglue my daughter's papercut.  Sorry I don't have time to edit my ramblings.  I hope it is somewhat coherent.


Jennifer Hoots said...

It's always good to hear from you! Glad you are content to stay or go. Also glad you have that snowblower! If we have another winter like this one, everyone here will forget what snow is.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well. I hope you get that new job and that things work out for you in that area.

Carol G said...

Thanks for your comments Jenn and JoAnn.