Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some pics...finally

Soldotna Sunrise

Mount Redoubt

View Not Far from Home (moose on road)

This is me from Becoming Outdoor Women Alaska 2011

T-shirt hanging on a wall in Talkeetna restaurant 2011
This is from a family getaway to Talkeetna last year (that's my family)

Also my family in Talkeetna last year (sorry it's so dark)

Mount Denali (McKinley to those from outside Alaska)

A Random Shop in Talkeetna 2011

I've got more, but these are all more of a winter theme. 


Anonymous said...

Oh I really enjoy looking at peoples pictures. Yours are so pretty. Love the sunrise and mountain shots. So why is Mount McKinley named different for those in Alaska and those of us not from Alaska? Just wondering. :)

PlainJane said...

Beautiful pictures Carol. Thanks for sharing. That would be so fun to see a moose on the road. But, Minnesota is wintery enough for me, too wintery (even though we are having a VERY mild winter), I'd rather be in Florida.

Carol G said...

JoAnn, Denali is the native original name of the mountain. Most people outside of Alaska don't know that, so I labeled its nonAlaskan (more known name) as well.

Jane, Moose are actually a dime a dozen. I should post more pics. I forget others are interested in seeing them. I think your winters there are worse than ours. I think you get more cold temps than I do. I have no interest in the stink, heat and bugs of Florida at any rate! I wish we lived closer so we could get together for tea and Torah chat occasionally.