Sunday, July 18, 2010

A July update in words and pictures

Watching Fourth of July Parade in Kenai

The couple on the right are our new good friends Heather and Gary

Pastor Bryan and Chanda
Little Critter and Bubbies listen to a story at a Medieval feast activity day held by friends in their yard
Little Critter works at being a young warrior

Bubbies' new little friend, Little Critter and Bubbies in the castle tower. "Hurry and take the picture, we're squished!"

Bubbie, the medieval princess in crocs
Bubbies turned six on the seventh of July

What Bubbies got for her birthday...

Bubbies got a new haircut the next weekend
Snow Crystal and Bubbies enjoying a nice day
Helping daddy
It's cold!
Snow Crystal playing soccer
My sweet family

Dh caught some of his first Alaska Red Salmon
A backyard visitor. Mountain Princess could hear it breathing outside her bedroom window!