Monday, June 18, 2012

Pics from the garden

Tim built these hoophouses and raised beds this year



my flower garden next to the driveway has rhubarb (not pictured), columbines and 5 strawberry plants

How does your garden grow?

Friday, June 15, 2012


Last night we went geocaching again.  There was a new cache placed this week in our area and we were hoping to be the first to find it.  We were the first to log it, but a couple others had signed the cache log book before we got there.

The mosquitos are much worse around here this year.  I blame that on the wet winter and the marsh that fills the empty property next door :(.

This weekend we will be doing some fun activities with the local state parks.  Today Tim and the children are going on a guided flower walk.  Tomorrow one of us will go with the little ones on a geology tour, and the other of us will go with our 13 yo who loves geology on a more indepth geology tour.

Sunday I think one of my friends from my fellowship will be speaking in a business about Esther from a Jewish perspective.  My 14 yo daughter will start a CSI camp at the Challenger Learning Center.  We also hope to have some friends over for a campfire that evening.

I have some pics from geocaching last night, but as usual I am posting this from work and do not have access to those pics :(.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

update 6-13-2012

Life is good on the Peninsula these days.  The following are taken at Bishop's beach in Homer.  We went there with friends a couple of weekends ago to geocache, tidepool and just have fun.

Driftwood teeter totters

The mountains on the other side of the bay are just gorgeous

Joe is pointing out tracks he found

Looking for critters

Making s'mores

Joe is modeling his perfect Alaskan beach clothes:  raincoat/windbreaker, waterproof boots and a handy-dandy walking stick

My husband and I

Tim and Jae tide-pooling

The trees have leafed out, we've had lots of nice days.  It hasn't rained much on the kids playing soccer (unlike our first year where we shivered in the rain all summer!).  Tim has built four raised beds with hoops over them to create a greenhouse-like effect.  We're learning how to garden in Alaska.  It isn't too unlike gardening at 8600 feet in Colorado...  The kids are all home from school.  Two are playing soccer.  One may take swimming lessons.  Three will go to camp (two at the Challenger Learning Center and one at Solid Rock Bible camp).

We have family schedule to visit us in July and August, each for a week long visit.

I started a new job May 29.  So far it is a good change.  I'm not seeing as many patients as I would like to yet, but it is hopefully going to build slowly.  I'm glad to be out of the last situation I was in.  It was time for a change, unfortunately.

Hooligans made their annual Kenai River run
We have been spending our free time doing fun things with our friends.  Sadly, however, I just found out yesterday that they will be moving to Colorado by the end of the summer :(.  I'm so grateful for the time we've had these last 2+ years.  I've never made friends so easily.
Our favorite little bakery in Homer