Monday, June 18, 2012

Pics from the garden

Tim built these hoophouses and raised beds this year



my flower garden next to the driveway has rhubarb (not pictured), columbines and 5 strawberry plants

How does your garden grow?


Anonymous said...

I will not be jealous of your garden....but you asked ..."how does your garden grow?" Mine is empty...nada...nothing this year.

Not my season :)

John said...

Hi Carol, nice to see you blogging. I like the little green houses, not complicated.

Illinois Lori said...

Hi Carol! Wow, your garden looks great, I love the hoop houses! You probably have to deal with lots of critters wanting to share your produce, don't you? The evergreen trees in the background make my heart happy...I can just smell them from that photo! I think my Michigander's heart has never left me...we had a cabin in northern MI where we spent our summers each year when I was growing up, and I just long for the thickness of God's green woods. Nice work! My garden seems to be okay, we struggled with a fungus on the roses (caused by crabapples that I hate) but they are recovering. I have a raised veggie bed at my friend's house, tomatoes and beans and carrots, mostly, plus a zucchini (sp?)...just one! We got a quarter-side of beef a week ago, so it's now in the freezer, and when the veggies start producing next month, my grocery store trips can slow down...can't wait for that!


JoAnn said...

Oh yeah, I can leave a comment on here now. :) Thanks for changing it. I still like your gardens, very pretty.