Friday, January 23, 2015

A Year Later!

How do I even summarize a year? I guess it's time that I tried. I was so busy with working full time and taking care of my children, and I was so tired of writing the same thing over and over that I lost interest in blogging for a while.

In July , we felt the Lord's clearly directing us to move back to my husband's  hometown in Illinois . My husband and my two oldest girls left in August so he could start his new job. My two youngest children and I stayed back in Alaska waiting for the Lord to sell the house, which he did supernaturally. It was a very stressful time nonetheless.

 November 1 my two youngest and I finally made it to Illinois. We have finally adjusted to the new routine.  Already I've made some new friends, which is quite miraculous for me. Usually takes me years to establish the kind of friendships I've made here already. I'm very thankful for this.

 Tim is working at Camp Menno Haven as the maintenance director . We love Camp Menno Haven . It's a beautiful place to live and wonderful people to work with. Josiah and Eliana are taking the school bus to public school each day and that transition has gone well . They started public school in Alaska which was a very good experience as well. The two older girls have been doing a small private high school, which is working out well for Ciara, but a little overwhelming for Jaedyn, who is now doing school part-time and doing some homeschooling as well .  I am not working at this time, but perhaps I will try to find an urgent care clinic to work part-time at this spring.

You may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog since we are no longer up north following that dream.