Monday, February 23, 2015


A mother walks a tightrope juggling
In the air are various responsibilities.
She runs up and down the tightrope as needed to keep each item in the air.
Food for the family
And healthy meals,
Homeschooling a child with chronic health issues.
Driving two children to school at different times,
Later picking them up.
Appointments to doctors,
Never-ending laundry,
Keeping the checkbook.
Another child home sick, again and again.
Soon she wearies.
Things drop here and there.
She cannot keep them all in the air.
She forgets to pick up the kids.
She misses the PTO meeting.
No time for her husband who works long hours.
Why do the kids keep getting sick?
Keep everything in the air, mother.
You can't let them drop.
The stress of it all burns her out.
She can't keep up.
The inability to pay all the bills puts her off balance.
How could she possibly hold a job and keep all these things in the air?
She feels disaster is looming.
Each day she picks herself up,
Keeping it all going.
The weight is tremendous, but she cannot stay down.
Breathe, mother!
Then one day she realizes something.
She does not need to do it alone.
Her God is holding things up in the air
When she lets Him.
When she asks.
He is giving her grace
And wisdom
And strength
If she comes to Him
And asks
With the faith of a child.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Daybook Entry 2-20-15 

The Daybook is a blogging exercise I used to indulge in during my early blogging years.  I came across it again today and was inspired to use the template pounce again to get my blogging re-kickstarted.

FOR TODAY, Friday February 20, 2015

Outside my window...The wind is blowing snow flurries around and many little birds are enjoying the birdfeeder on my back deck.  Warmer than yesterday, the temps will get up into the 20s today. Yesterday it stayed below zero all day.

I am thinking... I really enjoyed the new Bible/book study that I took part in with some of women from my church, from another local church, and the staff here at Menno Haven. I was hoping to find a reason to fellowship with the women from the other local church, and this will be perfect! 

I am thankful... For a warm house and that I did the shopping yesterday so my cupboards are full today! 

In the kitchen... Lately we've been going to a major transition in the way that we eat. We have almost completely eliminated dairy from our diets. We are eliminating all grains, sweeteners, processed foods, etc for the next 30 days.  It is called the Whole 30 program.

I am wearing... Long underwear, black cords, red turtleneck,  grey, red, black and white striped sweater

I am creating... A healthy family, a clean house, and a blog entry!

I am going... To take Jaedyn to school in a few minutes.

I am wondering... If we will ever find a good school solution for Jaedyn.

I am reading... It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, and finishing book 5 of The Viking Quest series by Lois Walfred Johnson.  Both excellent reading.

I am hoping... To get to the point that all my kids will be in school and thriving.

I am looking forward to... Seeing what good changes the Whole 30 will bring to my family.

I am learning... About nutrition and healthy diets - quite contrary to common medical advice.

Around the house... The rats are happy in their clean cage.  Joe is in the clean living room on the couch watching The Hobbit DVD because he has a stomach bug.

I am pondering... what to do today.  I don't have much motivation.

A favorite quote for today... "The only ill will you will see here is that which you bring among yourselves." Gandalf to Thorin Oakenshield upon entering Rivendell.

One of my favorite things... My Bible.  I got it for my 16th birthday over 30 years ago.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tonight starts Sabbath.

A peek into my day...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Taking care of David

My in-law's are the main reason we made a major disruption in our family to move back to Illinois.  My father-in-law, David, had a stroke back in 2010 just as we moved to Alaska.  He recovered fairly well, but has struggled with memory issues and a general health decline since then.

My mother-in-law, Margaret, has been caring for him along with a close knit community since that time, but the burden of his care has become to much for her.  He is 82 and she is 78.

I was coming and staying with David once a week so that Margaret could have some time out of the house.  We also shared supper with them once a week.

About 2 weeks ago, David had to go to the ER by ambulance because he couldn't breathe.  He ended up being intubated and transferred to a bigger hospital.  He recovered nicely from CHF and Wednesday night I helped bring him back to a local facility where he is getting therapy to help him get his strength back so he can go home.    He no longer is short of breath or needing oxygen.  It is sad to visit him in the evenings though because he gets confused and seems quite unhappy.  I think we will have to visit him frequently the so Margaret can get home and get rest.

Margaret and David will be moving to another home soon.  It will be hard for David again due to another change, but he will hopefully be back with Margaret and feel at home again quickly.