Monday, February 23, 2015


A mother walks a tightrope juggling
In the air are various responsibilities.
She runs up and down the tightrope as needed to keep each item in the air.
Food for the family
And healthy meals,
Homeschooling a child with chronic health issues.
Driving two children to school at different times,
Later picking them up.
Appointments to doctors,
Never-ending laundry,
Keeping the checkbook.
Another child home sick, again and again.
Soon she wearies.
Things drop here and there.
She cannot keep them all in the air.
She forgets to pick up the kids.
She misses the PTO meeting.
No time for her husband who works long hours.
Why do the kids keep getting sick?
Keep everything in the air, mother.
You can't let them drop.
The stress of it all burns her out.
She can't keep up.
The inability to pay all the bills puts her off balance.
How could she possibly hold a job and keep all these things in the air?
She feels disaster is looming.
Each day she picks herself up,
Keeping it all going.
The weight is tremendous, but she cannot stay down.
Breathe, mother!
Then one day she realizes something.
She does not need to do it alone.
Her God is holding things up in the air
When she lets Him.
When she asks.
He is giving her grace
And wisdom
And strength
If she comes to Him
And asks
With the faith of a child.


Mud Puddle Soup said...

LOVE this!!!

Responding to your comment on my blog:

The ear pressure is stable and not really painful down at the lower elevation, but I still can feel that I have an inner ear (if that makes any sense). My ears feel like they can breathe and I still find myself having to pop them. I don't have the dizziness like I did up the mountain or when my ear pressure has built up to the painful levels. There is discussions of this possibly being Meniere's Disease. I am scheduled to see another ENT and I am hoping to find out more information.

Jennifer Hoots said...

Perfect description. Perfect solution.