Friday, February 6, 2015

Taking care of David

My in-law's are the main reason we made a major disruption in our family to move back to Illinois.  My father-in-law, David, had a stroke back in 2010 just as we moved to Alaska.  He recovered fairly well, but has struggled with memory issues and a general health decline since then.

My mother-in-law, Margaret, has been caring for him along with a close knit community since that time, but the burden of his care has become to much for her.  He is 82 and she is 78.

I was coming and staying with David once a week so that Margaret could have some time out of the house.  We also shared supper with them once a week.

About 2 weeks ago, David had to go to the ER by ambulance because he couldn't breathe.  He ended up being intubated and transferred to a bigger hospital.  He recovered nicely from CHF and Wednesday night I helped bring him back to a local facility where he is getting therapy to help him get his strength back so he can go home.    He no longer is short of breath or needing oxygen.  It is sad to visit him in the evenings though because he gets confused and seems quite unhappy.  I think we will have to visit him frequently the so Margaret can get home and get rest.

Margaret and David will be moving to another home soon.  It will be hard for David again due to another change, but he will hopefully be back with Margaret and feel at home again quickly.


John said...

Hi Carol, you guys seem to be holding up through all of this. I hope things get better for all of you. I know how hard it is not having a place to settle down and with a family, even harder. I hope it happens to you soon.

Carol said...

John, we have a place to live and call home. I wouldn't worry to much about that. We are pretty used to moving every 4.5-6 years. It has just worked out that way. I don't plan on moving again as long as David and Margaret need us here. I just wish David didn't have to be with strangers right now in this recovery program.

Carol said...

Oh, David and Margaret aren't moving far.

Mud Puddle Soup said...

((hugs)) We can imagine the heart strain. My mom is my grandmother's caretaker and it pains us to think of anyone else having to care for her when/if the time comes.

Thank you for your comment. I would love to learn more about the diet you mentioned in your comment for reducing inflammation. The doctors I've seen are quite baffled at the continued inflammation that keeps building -- primarily in my eustachian tubes. I'm grasping to find something to cure me so I can return home.

JoAnn said...

So glad u can be there for them both. Praying the move goes well.

Mud Puddle Soup said...

Thanks for sharing about the Whole 30. I've done something very similar for the past year or so and dropped quite a bit of weight. I'm restricting my intake even more now to see if something triggers this, but nothing is really working. Sadly, as I type this, I had a horrible night last night and I still feel the pressure. Trying to get in with a doctor and praying that I don't end up in the ER again.

I will be praying for you and your family, too :)

PlainJane said...

Oh wow, do I ever feel out of the loop. I didn't know you were back in the lower 48. Well, welcome back! Even though it's not under great circumstances. Caregiving is difficult, even in the best circumstances and you guys with young children I know it can be tiring - we've been there too when our girls were very young; now it's starting again with my 86 yr. old mom who had heart failure in November and we almost lost her. She is doing better, but being over a hour away from her makes for some tiring trips. So you guys are at a Christian camp in IL now. I'd love to hear more. ~ Love to you and yours.

Carol said...

Are kids aren't so young anymore! Our baby is 8 and next year C will graduate from high school!

We almost lost David about a month ago of the same thing. He is bouncing back now.