Saturday, July 14, 2012

Early in July 2012

It must be time for an update.  I ate my first salad out of the hoop tents I posted about last time.  Guess it has been too long. 

We've been pretty busy this summer.  Two weeks ago my sister Linda and her family came up from Nebraska.  They had a rough time making it after missing a plane and selling their house instead, but we had a grand time while they were here.  We ran around seeing tide pools and wildlife in Homer, watched the dipnetters and went to a salmon weir in Kasilof, viewed the visitor's center and my workplace in Kenai, went to the Exit Glacier near Seward then ate seafood at a place in Seward.  They stayed and went on a whale viewing trip.  On the fourth we didn't see any fireworks, or hear any for that matter.  It's hard to see them anyway when it doesn't really get dark at night.  On Sunday we were going to go with them to Anchorage to see the Alaska Native Heritage Center, but they were tuckered out and decided to stay here longer to rest before their red-eye flight out that night.

Over the past 3 weeks illness has hit our family one at a time, starting with Josiah.  It is a bad viral infection that gives sore throat, fever and congestion with a little cough.  Ciara had it while Linda's family was here.  Elly had it, now I've got it.  I went home early twice this week due to symptoms and I still in not completely over it.

Elly turned 8 while Linda was here on July 7.  Her birthday present still hasn't arrived.

On July 9, Tim and I celebrated our 18th anniversary.  We went out for dinner that night, but we will go sea kayaking across Kachemak Bay tomorrow.  Before Elly was conceived we had planned to spend our 10th anniversary going to Alaska for a visit.  She was born 2 days before that date and the trip didn't happen.  I think this is much better anyway.  Now we can spend all of our anniversaries in Alaska if we want...!  No place I'd rather be.

This week we've had a couple visits by moose cows with babies.  One that we've seen a few times has twins and they gave us a nice show in our back yard.