Sunday, March 1, 2015

SWD March 1

FOR TODAY...  March 1, 2015

Outside my window...  there is a couple of inches of snow on the ground. The juncos and finches are enjoying the feeder on my back deck.

I am thinking...  it will be nice when my new computer is set up so I can post pics again!

I am thankful... that I have nothing too pressing to do today because I am warn out!

In the kitchen...  my kitchen needs attention badly as I have been so busy that I am not keeping up with everything, sadly.

I am wearing... church clothes but snuggled into bed to try to get warm.

I am creating...  an appreciation in my family for nutritional foods (although no one much appreciates it right now as they are withdrawing from all the adulterated foods they are used to).

I am wondering...  how I can get on top of the sled of my life instead of continuing to be dragged behind plowing through the snow with my face.

I am reading...  The Shining Company by Rosemary Sutcliff.

I am hoping...  Princeton High School will have a good school option for both of my girls next fall and will take their credits from previous school work done.

I am looking forward to...  resting today and a new women's group I am a part of on Thursday evening.

Around the house...  my two youngest are playing Wii in the living room.  My two oldest are doing homework.

One of my favorite things...  birdfeeders and birds.

Highlights from this past week...  We had our first visit to Chicago to see DD#2's new pediatric gastroenterologist.  We really liked her.  DD#1 is having female problems, so I took her to see a GYN.  After we get lab results tomorrow, we'll hopefully get started on a solution.  DD #3 was sick Monday and Tuesday with a sore throat -viral.  DS was sick all week with an intestinal bug.  I had parent teacher conferences for the two youngest.  They both are doing very well.  We got a new computer from Best Buy!  We moved DH's parents the rest of the way into their new apartment yesterday.  However, my FIL ended up back in the ER and was admitted back in to the hospital for a few days due to heart failure exasperation.  He then needed moved back to the rehab program a few days later.  Hopefully he'll be able to go to his new home in the next couple of weeks.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  get stuff done that is stacking up on me and help my MIL get settled at her new place.


JoAnn said...

Sounds things are going well overall. And also very busy. I hope that school works well for them in the fall.

lisa leisher said...

Praying for a good week ahead for you!

Jerralea said...

Sounds like a lot on your plate! Hope all goes well and everyone gets settled in and it feels like home.

I had to smile at your imagery of being drug on a sled with snow in your face. Sometimes life truly does feel like that.

Carol said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. It is nice when folks stop by!

John said...

Hi Carol, hope everything goes well medically and your new life turns out to be what you want. I'm sure you will do well.

Siggie said...

Carol, your post reads like a whirlwind of activity! Sending prayers of of strength and energy your way. Have a beautiful week!

A happy heart at home said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading your Daybook. I hope everyone will be feeling better soon. Happy Spring to you and yours!

Mud Puddle Soup said...

I pray that things work out for school. I can imagine the stress of finding a good fit.

so nice to hear your days again!