Monday, March 30, 2015

Health matters, I suppose.

It's time for my weekly Daybook Entry, but I suppose I'm not really in the mood.  I'm frustrated.

This past week we officially ended our whole 30 strict plan.  On Tuesday we reintroduced legumes with peanut butter and with beans in the chili.  One daughter and I had diarrhea.  Not sure if it was related.  On Friday we reintroduced gluten-free flour.  This really sent me for a loop.  I felt in a fog and drunk most of the day and had to sleep it off.  I was surprised.  Sunday I slept a good portion of the day as well - exhausted.  I seem to only get good days every other day...  I should be feeling great.

Overall I've lost 22 lbs and my clothes fit well again.  Some of my jeans are too big.  If I stay on plan, my thinking is clear, when I'm not tired.  Taking Lifelong Vitality supplements from DoTerra really help with my clear thinking and energy, but I'm almost out.  I won't have more until next week 😞.  It is frustrating to feel like I have to stay on this strict diet or feel poorly.  I guess I should be grateful that I can feel better by eating on plan, but I really am tired of having to do so much cooking!  I want my lifestyle to be more convenient - to not have to plan every meal ahead of time!

In spite of all this hard work, Jaedyn has not gained any more weight and is still sick frequently - daily.  Eliana is sick once a week too.  This stresses me out - and perhaps that is part of me being exhausted and foggy-brained.

Regarding Jaedyn, she had her colonoscopy last week.  She sees her GI doc for follow-up on Thursday.  She hasn't gained weight - lost two pounds.  She sees a new pediatrician next week.  I could not put her in with the doc who has 30-40 patients a day.  He did a very weak well-child exam on Josiah last week.  No way!  Problem is, I will have to take her to Peoria to get in with a pediatrician!  Such is my life.  No wonder I can't see myself going back to work!

I still haven't figured out what to do about school for her.  I guess we just try the public high school.  I wish life was easier, fair and encouraging 😭.


JoAnn said...

So sorry about all the issues. I remember when we first started GF the lack of convenience was the worst part for me too. We paid a lot of money to just be able to buy GF cookies and such from the store, for convenience. It just about broke us, but it was needed at the beginning. Now, we balance it. We still buy some for convenience, but we make a lot too. But I also have teenagers that do most of the baking and good portion of the cooking, that helps a lot.

I hope and pray you find out what works best for you with food and that you can get into a good routine with it that won't be to wearing on you.

Nita said...

Looked at those goofy faces with the Monty Python "Bright Side of Life" song going through my head. LOL! your daughter could play it on the flute. :)

Mud Puddle Soup said...

(((hugs)) I do hope that you get the answers you need to get you all feeling better :)

Cute faces!

Mud Puddle Soup said...

I'm behind on visiting blogs but wanted to say, "Happy Mother's Day!" May your day be filled with joy as you celebrate with your gifted blessings.