Friday, March 6, 2015

A peek into my day...

Seeing... the beautiful sun shining in the windows!

 Hearing... the tinkling waterworks and hum of my diffuser and the wind blowing outside.
 Smelling... elevation and grapefruit essential oils diffusing, trying to wake me up and make me more cheerfully motivated!

 Tasting... a cup of decaf with ghee
 Feeling... sleepy, hopeful, glad for a partial day without the kiddos.

 Time to clean the ratties' cage and complete my license restoration application so I can eventually work again!


Letitia said...

Wow. I don't get on blogs much, so didn't realize you weren't in AK anymore. You still have your snow, though! It's great that you are doing this for your in-laws. I pray God blesses it and you settlle in to life there.

Anonymous said...

Wow I missed the move! I had not been on your blog in awhile. I kinda lost interest in blogging too, and I had not seen an update in awhile. Glad I checked. Jenn Cox

John said...

Hi Carol, I can tell the difference in your blogging since you left Alaska. I really hope you find happiness in your new home. How do you feel about not living in Alaska any more?

Carol said...

Hi Letitia, Jenn and John!

Jenn, how can I contact you? Do you still have a blog? My previous place of employment wiped out my contact list on my phone 2 weeks early! :(

John, we miss a lot about Alaska, but not as much as I'd feared. I am loving the wide variety of wildlife here. What I miss most is my cable internet and great cell service! I'm even more rural here than I was there. We also miss our pediatrician and Jaedyn's pediatric GI. It might have been farther to get to her, but here I have to drive through the city of Chicago, ugh! - to get to her doc... None-the-less, I don't foresee us moving back to AK soon. It is too far from family.

Part of the reason my blogging is different here is that I have different computer setup (no keyboard until recently) and because my kids are in school and it's winter - not much to blog about them since they aren't active right now... Summer will likely be different again.

Mud Puddle Soup said...

Lovely pictures!

I really missed getting snow this winter, so its nice to see the frosting on the ground.

Blessings on your week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol! You were not in the "rural" area of the state. It always feels so much busier when we head south central and the kenai.
might be the easiest way for now. I have not had a blog since we moved to Fairbanks.

JoAnn said...

What pretty pictures. Though I have to say don't think I could have a rat as a pet. I hope you had a good time by yourself at home for a bit.