Friday, February 10, 2012

I've been offered the job

After a little negotiating, I have a good job offer and I plan on taking it.  If all goes as planned I'll be taking my new job in May.  I'm really glad for it, but feel bad for my new colleague where I am now working.  Where we have 4 and a part time provider now, we will have only 2 and a part time provider by the end of the summer unless they can recruit some more.  I am not the only one leaving, you see, another colleague is leaving as well.  Our new colleague came on at the end of December and I like her a lot.  I hope we can build our friendship even though I won't continue to be around the workplace. 

The last few days I have been convicted of keeping a rein on my tongue.  It is SO HARD to not become part of the constant negativism that is constantly around me at work.  I am at a loss how to turn it around without making myself sound goody two shoes.  I really want to try to be positive.  I will keep praying and hope that God can help.  I guess I can be thankful that I have a good place to practice this difficult skill.  I do admit though, that I fail everyday.  If you think of me, please pray for me.


JoAnn said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you. I do hope things work out well for your new colleague. That can be so very hard.

I will be praying for you and your tongue. I know mine gets me in trouble way too much. :)

Oh, and I sent you and email answering your questions from my blog. :)

Jennifer Hoots said...

Yay!! I hope this new job has a good attitude, too! My tongue is also in need of a leash at times, too often!

Gelfling said...

Congratulations! Change is often good, hopefully your new job provides a healthier environment for you.