Monday, January 2, 2012

A review of my day and thoughts

I had some great Bible study this morning.  I have Torah Club 1 that I just started.  I was reading from last week's Torah portion where Jesus healed on the Sabbath.  This led to a more in-depth study of Jesus from John 1 and Genesis 1.  Deep stuff.  Jesus=Torah=God=with God.  How can someone be God and be with God?  Jesus healed on the Sabbath and continues to work on the Sabbath because the Father is working "even now".  I have so much more I need to understand!

I didn't want to quit, but eventually felt the need to go help Tim take our ever-expanding pile of garbage and recycling to the dump.  At the dump I saw a bunch of eagles perched in nearby trees. 

When I got home I put away our Christmas and Hannukah stuff away while listening to some speakers on tape/dvd.  As I hear the story of where antisemitism started, and as I learn about the roots of Christianity and how it became a separate religion, I am turned off from what Christianity has become.  I did Christmas this year, because I am a gentile believer and have many good memories of it.  However, the more I become aware of how Christianity became what it is today, the more I am not sure of what I should do about things like Christmas.

Then I changed around the living room furniture.


PlainJane said...

Happy New Year Carol. Some deep thoughts in your day! Good for you in the deeper Bible Study. Yes, we do Christmas too...the girls & I would rather not, but DH insisted on a tree...I think we will always be tied to family tradition, so I try to make it as Christ-honoring as possible.

Tamara ♥ said...

It is so good to read your posts again. You have been missed a lot. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the holidays. Our family is struggling a bit with "what to do".

Letitia said...

Thanks for the comment you left a couple of weeks ago. I have started a new treatment this week, and they are hopeful that they can help me.

One thing that I consider in my thoughts about celebrating Christmas is that it is a man made holiday. God did not command or ordain it in any way in His Word.

My oldest daughter came very close to taking a job near Juneau this coming May, but in the end decided that was not where God was drawing her to be.