Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jae's 12th Birthday

My dd turned 12 today.  I am pleased that she has two good friends to share it with.  We had a cookout in our backyard for the first time since moving into our home last September.  Dh did a great job making some log benches and putting together a fire ring we found at Sportsman's Warehouse and keeping the fire going.  We got her a Harry Potter Lego set of Hagrid's hut, which she enjoyed putting together with her friends, although all of our friends and acquaintances here may think we are crazy that we let our kids (just Ciara and Jaedyn) read and watch Harry Potter.  (None of them actually said so, but none of them are familiar with it, so I am pretty sure it isn't allowed).


Anonymous said...

Glad she had a good birthday.

Melissa said...

I am glad she had a couple of friend's over for her birthday.

Jenn4him said...

My daughter turns 12 in July! It's a fun age, isn't it? Glad you all had a good celebration.