Saturday, May 21, 2011

Huffing and Puffing and Catching my Breath

Spring is a busy time, isn't it? Starting about 3 weeks ago my kids started getting sick. Crying or Very sad One child per week for about 5 days was sick on the couch with fever, vomitting then diarrhea. It went through my 4 year old, then my 6 year old then my 12 year old. This week my 13 year old started with it but she recovered after one evening of fever and had none of the stomach issues.  Fortunately for her she was able to leave the next day for a 3 day camping/horseback riding/rafting trip with her junior high class.

My dh hurt his shoulder girdle on the right working in the yard May 7, and hasn't been able to lay flat even at night since then. It has spread to his left shoulder in the mean time. He can't do much with his arms without causing a lot of pain. This has put a complete halt on our garden and yard plans. For a week I was working 45 hours, doing all the shopping, housework and cooking.  Dh is improving this week and is able to help with the shopping and some ordering and bills etc, but he still can't sleep in his bed. Fortunately we have a couple of reclining options in the living rooms and he seems to do okay in those.

I helped my 13 year old do a project for presentation regarding Japan - we got a perfect grade on it. Very Happy I went to an art and forensics presentation with my 6 year old. That was fun. Smile  She got first place doing this peice a week or two ago. She and my fifth grader also recently had their spring music concert - dh tried to do that too, but his shoulder killed him the entire time. Sad

While my 12 year old was home sick last weekend and Monday and Tuesday, she brought home a chick she had hatched at school.  She had it in a brooder box she had made.  The first night it peeped a lot.  Unfortunately she didn't get to enjoy it much before mean old mom made her bring it back to school so it could be brought home with another child who has the set up for raising chickens.

Thursday I was a parent sponsor with the first grade class. We went to Halibut Cove - taking a boat out of Homer. That was delicious fun! Laughing We did tide pooling. The little community there was so beautiful. One family has a little farm with horses and chickens and beautiful little greenhouses with cherry trees blooming inside and raised beds... Very inspiring! They also had a building that was an art studio - wow. My artist husband would have loved it. On the way back we went by this rock in the center of Kachemak Bay that is completely covered with terns and puffins and the like nesting. We also saw a few otters. I totally loved the entire trip.

Yesterday I was punished for my day off by having tons of work to catch up at work. Rolling Eyes


Jenn4him said...

Sounds like real life, good with the bad. Hope your husband is feeling better soon.

JoAnn said...

Sounds like a full week. I hope your hubby feels better soon. :)


brienn said...

hey, carol. :)

one of my best friends just asked me to proofread this post ( for her, and as i read it i couldn't help but think of you. partially it's because of the bread, but mostly it's because i think you and tim and the family can relate to the substance behind the bread. i hope it encourages you.

love and miss you all tons. looking forward to an update soon?