Thursday, October 18, 2012

Out with the Fall, In with the Winter

Ciara worshipping during one of our Sukkot feasts

Ciara starting the new Torah cycle
Our family celebrates the Biblical holidays prescribed in Leviticus.  This month Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) came upon us October 1-8.  We celebrate this with a nightly feast, building a sukkah (a temporary shelter), and doing special activities throughout the week.  We finished the 8 days of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) on the 8th of October with a special holiday called "Simchat Torah" (Rejoicing of the Torah).  This is my first year to celebrate Simchat Torah, which we were able to do with our fellowship.  Traditionally Jewish people have a Torah reading cycle that begins and ends with Simchat Torah.  We read through all the "Torah" (first 5 books of the Bible) in pre-prescribed sections throughout the year and then start again.  In our fellowship we have a "real" Torah scroll that is stored in a special cupboard that we get out on Simchat Torah that we allow each person to hold while blessings are said over them regarding the Lord making the Torah a blessing to them throughout the new year.  Everyone takes it very seriously, and there is much rejoicing and dancing following a feast.  I was very blessed by this, and I know my children were also.  My daughter, Ciara, did some of the Torah reading before the fellowship, which was also very special.

This is what might happen if you fall asleep during Sukkot!
On Friday night, my husband stepped out the door and about 11:45 PM to go pick up one of my daughters from a school function.  He was immediately struck by the awesome aurora borealis lights that were there and called me and my other 2 daughters to come and watch.  We watched the lights swirl and careen across the sky for 20-30 min.  It was the best northern lights I've ever seen!  Unfortunately my camera is not good enough to take pictures of these.

The weather temperatures dropped this week and we have had 2 days of snow.  Today it is sunny with a couple inches of snow on the ground.  On Monday while it was snowing, I walk to the bluff in front of our clinic and was able to watch 3 otters swimming in the river for a little while between patients.

This is our yard with our new lake during our first snow.  Unfortunately you can't see the lovely snow falling here.

A prayer request:  My second daughter may have had 2 mild seizures this morning.  We really don't want to have to put her back on medication.  I know God can heal her.  We will be trying to improve her nutrition and use natural remedies.  Please pray with us.

A shot of Mount Redoubt on a lovely fall day

I was caught by the beauty of the clouds hanging low with the Kenai boat port in the foreground

Saturday night my two youngest and I went to McDonald's to celebrate the first snow of the year with ice cream.


JoAnn said...

Such pretty pictures. What a fun and interesting way to spend your time between patients. I do pray your daughter gets better without medicines. I pray the Lord shows you want changes need to be made in her life.

All-of-a-Kind Family said...

We will be keeping your daughter in our prayers.

Lovely nature shots and looks like a really nice Biblical celebration.

Enjoy the first snowfalls of many to come :)

Carol G said...

Tamara, I don't have any way to contact you directly. Could you email me? I'm blocked out of your profile.