Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Update

Things seem to have settled down.  Life is moving on quickly.  I've had a little more time to read.  I've backed off from one of my two fellowships, and that has been good for me and for my family.  Our small group from our church has gotten really good.  We have had a couple of families struggling with major things - illness and layoffs, but the Lord has done wonderful things and it has been awesome to watch.

My dh put my daughter Jaedyn on a strict salicylate-free diet (Feingold), and it has been amazing.  She has been getting her homework done quickly or has not had any for almost a month now.  She has a good attitude almost all the time.  She isn't having her usual weekend break-downs.  She is a new person.  We did start OT/PT with her, which she loves.  Last week was her first week.

Alaska is giving us about 12 hours of daylight each day.  That is wonderful.  There is still a lot of snow on the ground.

I went to the BOW conference which was really fun.  I enjoyed shooting bows and arrows and learning to shoot rifles.  I met some new friends too.  One of them might be able to come and play Settlers of Catan with us.  She and her family live in Homer.

I need to go help my 6 yo finish her bath...

Sorry no pics.  My camera is down for the count...


The Last Frontier said...

Hi Carol,
Good to see you blogging again! What wonderful news about Jaedyn. Sounds like Tim may have really hit on something. I've heard of the Feingold diet used with many special needs children, although I have never looked into it. I definitely will!
Isn't the daylight wonderful?
Glad you had so much fun at BOW.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going well. Glad you have fun at the BOW conference, sounds like a blast. And glad that diet is working for your daughter, what a blessing. :)


morningstar said...

Glad to hear from you. Lovely update! So awesome that the diet is working for your dd!
Bow hunting? Oh I do miss the Pacific Northwest. Grew up with hunting and all of that.
How do you manage on the small amounts of daylight? I am prone to getting depression in the winter months due to lack of light.

Carol G said...

Tina, I take high doses of vitamin D3, which helps a lot. I didn't have any trouble with depression. Most people are low in vitamin D, even in the lower 48, especially if they are inside all the time... Maybe you need to get yours checked if you have trouble in the winter...

Jenn4him said...

Good to hear things are going so well.

Cathy said...

So glad you found a diet that works with Jaedyn. I thought of her when I read about that diet once.

That also sounds really fun to learn about bows and arrows...and friends are always great.

I so relate to all your questioning of the stresses of life, homeschooling, work, etc. I find myself driving my kids to get both the housework done and a decent amount of schoolwork done and everything else...and sometimes wonder if it's worth it to drive like this. Yet, it's been a season I think (with babies) and I think God approves and works with us as He directs us in our life decisions. Anyhow, it was nice to read up on your life.