Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rough Day

Today was a little rough at work.  The administration had to make some layoffs in our medical department which will affect us all.  Two of our six medical providers are being laid off and one of our behavioral health counselors also.  It is going to get ugly trying to see max numbers of people again when they leave.  We also will lose our xray tech, our financial technician, and three medical assistants.

When I got home from work, I had a teenager in crisis, a fifth grader who needed help on her math and a little boy who couldn't listen and ended up having a melt-down...  I wish I could have one too!  (Not really, but my neck is very stressed).  Once we got the kids all sorted out, I had to help my husband with paperwork for my daughter with special needs' Teffra Medicaid.  They ask for everything on that application from my income to how much we owe on our house to what we pay for phone and utilities and how much our vehicles are worth.  I'm not sure there is anything they don't know about our personal lives now!  I wouldn't do it except Jaedyn's medical costs are so high without it...

Well, I hope all my friends and family are having a better day and sleeping well (since most of you are probably asleep right now unless you are in Alaska too, or in Thailand, etc - then you are already living tomorrow...)


Jenn4him said...

*sigh* I am sorry that you had a rough day. And they say the economy is getting better? Guess that is their reality and not ours!

JoAnn said...

That is so hard. Everytime I hear about layoffs, I'm so thankful for the job we have (even though at times I'm not lol). Hope things go better for you. :)


The Last Frontier said...

So sorry to hear that things have been so bad at work. When the medical field starts cutting jobs, you know the economy is in horrible shape and getting worse. I've been in a similar position as yours when a hospital cut expenses to make the books look better before selling out to a larger corporation. Really increases the workload. That's going to make it that much harder on you and your co-workers. Hmmmm. Not exactly being "Miss Sunshine" here, am I? Just trying to think of things you can do to help you handle it better so you can be really "there" for your family when you get home after a rough day. I will be praying for you and Tim, for God to minimize the stress you feel and help you find ways to give your all to your children.