Saturday, February 26, 2011

Same Story Different Week

This was another brutally long week at work.  I put in over 50 hours and still couldn't keep up with the charting.  I lost my cool yesterday, but fortunately was able to keep my mouth shut.  A monumental task for me when I'm upset.

Tim and I are looking at schooling options for Jaedyn.  We've put all the kids on the Aurora Borrealis Charter School lottery list, but that doesn't look too hopeful.  She has her ups and downs, but it is hard to make a little girl go to school when it is so stressful and difficult for her.  Every Sunday she stresses out and often has a breakdown even as early as Saturday night knowing that Monday morning is approaching.  She did wonderfully well keeping up with her schoolwork and being done by the time I got home from work every day except Thursday.  That was miraculous.  Tim and I need to talk to the teachers again.  She needs tutoring or something in her weak areas, but I don't know if anyone at the private school there really can help us.  It looks like she may have to go public just to get the special help she needs.  She will start OT to help with her fine motor coordination again soon.  We've adjusted her diet severely again (which seems to be helping amazingly again). 

Looks like I'll be going skiing with her on Friday at Alyeska resort.  She wouldn't even consider going without me.  Should be fun.  The following weekend I get to go to a Becoming an Outdoor Woman conference up north around Palmer somewhere.  I'm thrilled to learn to shoot guns and bows and arrows and to learn bear safety.

One of my church groups is talking about becoming prepared for disaster.  This kind of thinking gets me stressed and I think adds to my early morning awakenings I've had this week.  I've sort of backed off.  I am praying that if we need to do this that the Lord would show Tim and that he would take on the task of researching what we'd need to do and setting about it.  The other women in the group are SAHMs or housewives



JoAnn said...

I hope you can find some answers in the school situation, that is hard. The conference sounds fun. I know how to shoot guns, but only shot a bow once. I would like to learn that more. :)


A Homemaker's Heart said...

Offering (((hugs))) and prayers. May you feel His armed wrapped around the situation and His wisdom guiding you in your decision process.

Jenn4him said...

Sorry you've had a hard week. (((hugs)))

The Last Frontier said...

Hi Carol. We're finally home. I know you'll be at the BOW classes next weekend, but I'd love for you to call me sometime when/if you get a chance. We're really low on gas. Although money is really tight, we're planning to get a plane load in soon, and the inverter will be here soon, too. We'll still have to really limit the computer time, though, because of the gas prices. With the way things are going in the Middle East, I'm sure the prices will continue to skyrocket, and I seriously doubt we'll be able to get any more gas for a very long time, if at all. I know you didn't want to hear that. :)

I'm so sorry you are going through so much with Jaedyn. I can imagine how tough that is for all of you. I am praying for a miraculous solution, and that you and Tim have a peace about it.

I'm going to try to blog about our town trip in the next few days. If I don't hear from you before the BOW workshop, I hope you have a wonderful time and learn lots! Wish I could go again this year. Maybe next year.


AKmamaOf6 said...

My friend went to that BOW conference and loved it. I'm afraid I'll learn too much and my hubby will want me to do more. ;) I'll get there, just not ready yet.

I was the same way you are about the EOTWAWKI stuff and it freaked me out at first. After a while of him wanting to get prepared, etc all of a sudden I was the one pushing for more food stored, lets get goats, etc. God knows when you're ready and what you can handle. Don't fret. Sounds like a good plan for you to let your hubby lead that, just be supportive as much as possible, that was tough for me at first.

Katia said...

Hi Carol,
(((hugs))sorry for not getting here sooner, things are getting very busy with my life.
it's so hard when our children hurt. I know your heart and I know you are going to find the best place for your sweet heart.

Letitia said...

Praying God gives you clear guidance and answers, and comforts her little heart. That would break mine.

I, too, have to be careful to not let things like the preparedness stress me. I start to worry, and that is not where God wants us. Backing off sounds like it was a good idea. If God is in it, He will bring peace.