Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Fun on the Peninsula

Saturday was a fun day for our family.  We met with some friends of ours and headed to Kasilof, Alaska to watch the Tustumena 200 dog race take off.  This was a new experience for our family and so fun to watch.  Next time we hope to get there a little earlier to see the dogs being put onto their sleds and being prepared for the race.

After the race was off, we drove back to Soldotna to their sports arena and enjoyed some kids activities such as jumping in a huge blow-up dinosaur, face-painting, hay rides, snow machine sled rides, kick sleds, and going down a big slide made of ice.  Before it got dark we took a ride around town to see some of the ice sculptures that businesses had made from huge blocks of ice that had been pulled out of a local pond by the rotary club.

Elly started a trend making a snow angel - soon all the kids were at it.

Joy loved this bear!

Heather and I and baby Hannah

Josiah doing a kick sled

All set for the snow machine sled ride

Jaedyn on one of the ice slides

Doesn't Josiah make a cute ice cube?

After we took a nice little rest at home, we came back for beef sandwiches from the train (above) that had been slowly cooking all day and ended the evening with a nice early show of fireworks.


morningstar said...

What fun!!!! I have seen this kind of stuff on tv. Just amazing that you are getting to do it and see it. Love the kick sled and ice slides.

The Last Frontier said...

What a great day! ! ! Sometimes I'd like to be in town just to do that kind of stuff with the boys. Oh well. Can't do it all. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks and sounds like a lot of fun. Glad you had such a nice day. :)


Jenn4him said...

That is so neat. Only in Alaska!

Canadagirl said...

Wow that looks like a blast! I loved seeing all the ice sculptures and the ice slide. COOL! ( That is sooooooo neat that you all got to see the sled dogs take off. It is one of those things I have only seen in movies. [0= Thank you for sharing a part of your world with us gals down south. ((HUGS))

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC<><

Illinois Lori said...

Carol, that is so beautiful! The ice sculptures are very looks so very Alaskan! Love the ice slide, too :-)

What a great day with your family!