Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cigar Box Guitars and homemade candy

Tim's newest Cigar Box Guitar.  It's his newest favorite hobby - making these guitars.

At Christmastime we made our own candy.   Here we are wrapping it up in paper.

This CBG is made out of a salmon box.  Isn't it cute?


Katia said...

Very cute craft, and what fun to make your own candy :)
Anna and I did some for Christmas too.

Jenn4him said...

How nifty! Does he use a kit? Do they play? Does he play?

morningstar said...

I love the cigar box guitars and the salmon box one is fantastic. How much does he sell them for? I would love to get one for our son.
We made our own candy this year also. So much fun! And I think it taste so much better than anything we have bought in the store.

The Last Frontier said...

I love those guitars. How neat! Looks like everyone sure had fun with that candy. What kind did you make?


Carol G said...

Jenn, no kit. He makes them from scratch. They sound really good. Tim plays a little, but enjoys making them and hearing others play more.

Tina, Tim would sell one to a friend of mine for around $100 plus postage and would install an amplifier if interested for free. They usually run $200-$300.

Jenny, this candy I believe was orange flavored, but it just tasted sweet. It was yummy and a little soft. He used agave nectar instead of corn syrup.