Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mt Redoubt

This is one of our favorite views.  As I understand it, Mt Redoubt is a volcano that last erupted about 3 years ago and is about 50 miles away across the Cook Inlet from us.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful view!

Melissa said...

Isn't that just amazing?

Jenn4him said...

Very pretty. How far is this view from your home?

Carol G said...

That picture was taken about 10 miles from our home, but you can see Mt Redoubt at the end of most west facing streets. It looks different every time. I really enjoy seeing it.

Letitia said...

I got my new blog started tonight~

Wendy said...

Hi, Carol,

I used to follow your blog on HSB when you still lived in to find you again! Looks like a gorgeous area to live. I'll have to read some of your back posts to catch up with you.

God bless,

Letitia said...

I didn't know if you'd get my follow-up comment about me being a grandma, so I copied it to leave it here, too.

Oh, no! Not yet! Just thinking ahead and looking forward to those days. Briana is getting married in May, so those times are not too far into the future now.
Good for you for wearing it out!!