Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Days

DH, JJ and I

The kids are back in school now.  LE and JoJo are going to the private school they started last spring, and it is still going very well.  School wasn't an option for JJ this year, neither public nor private.  The public school won't take any of her credits she has already received by homeschooling or from the private school.  The private school wasn't a good fit.  This year we are homeschooling and it is going well.  It's a very good thing we did this, as her attitude is much better.  She is self-motivated to get her homework done, and she seems overall happier.  It also allows for her to go to her doctor's appointments without getting too far behind.  She is taking US History, English 3, Algebra 1.5-2 (review and will move forward as she comes to new material), Life Skills, and for science Oceanography and Ecology this semester.  We're reading Peace Child now by Don Richardson, and she's finished Stink Alley so far.  She also got her learner's permit.

CC in front of her dorm when she first got to school.

CC is in Ohio attending Bluffton University.  She was not well the first 3-4 weeks and became very home sick.  She is a little healthier now and seems to be holding her own much better.  I brought the 3 kids out to see her the first weekend of October and that was a real blessing to her.  Sadly, I think she is still having issues with back pain.

First checkup after DH'S second surgery.
LE's Houl-loween concert with her flute ensemble at Music Suite 408. 
She is the second one from the right.

A very busy me drives over 3000 miles a month going to work twice a week 50 minutes away, taking the younger kids (LE and JoJo) to school and music lessons, taking LE to doctors and PT sessions, taking JJ to doctors appointments, and also DH to his surgery, picking him up after surgery the next day (in Oak Lawn - two hours away), to PT, and follow-up appointments.  My house is a cluttered mess and it makes me crazy.  I spend most of my free time, very little of my time is free, cleaning the kitchen.  I never seem to catch anything else up, except the laundry, although I am behind on it now.

JoJo and LE

We moved my father-in-law to the nursing home this week.  It was sad, but he is adjust well.  He is a real trooper.
LE, me and JoJo at Tanners Orchard

This weekend I took the kids to Tanner's Orchard.  I just took the younger two as JJ wasn't feeling well enough to go.  She's been suffering a lot lately.

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