Thursday, January 21, 2016

Things are looking up

Tim is doing PT and is allowed to bear weight as tolerated.  He is doing sit down jobs at work.  He can't put much weight on it, but we feel things are moving forward.

JoJo is having surgery today.  I think it will be a biopsy.  We're waiting for them to take him back now.

Elli got sick again this week.  She made it back to school yesterday, but wasn't completely on top of her game.

JJ is doing great.  I rarely hear a complaint out of her except that she doesn't want to do her homework.

CiCi has started stepping up to help more at home.  It's a real blessing.  In spite of her anxiety issues, she pulled off all As except one B in history.

My back is much better.


John said...

Good to hear things are getting better, you and the family deserve some relief. Hoping for a better future. Congrats on the As and B.

Carol said...

Thanks, John.