Saturday, June 15, 2013

Keeping Cool!

A trip to Homer with Grandma and Grandpa (not pictured) at the end of May

Our favorite restaurant/book store in Homer

Tim went hooligan fishing and caught way more than he realized!

Fortunately for him, Jaedyn didn't mind cleaning fish and helped him out!
With temps up in the 70s and close to the 80s, our family had to get creative about keeping cool.  We don't have air conditioning in Alaska, and some parts of the house even require us to open up the windows (I can rub this in, as I know my brother will be mentioning how nice it is in Texas when the snow is flying here next winter).
Our bunnies, Herseys and Luna, got out of their cage
 and danced around in the yard until we realized it was them and rounded them up.

Josiah and Eliana found it was nice to play in the sprinkler, make a pot of grass stew and drink iced tea on the back deck

Then they heated up the stew with a magnifying glass and the sun...

Kenai Wildlife Refuge offers a nice walk on a sunny day.

Our friends, Leonard and Valerie, and their son, Shannon, came to visit for 4-5 days

Jaedyn entered a "Salvage Art" contest at the Kenai River Festival...

... and got 2nd place in her division.
(She's in light blue on the right getting her award - also a recycled piece of art).

Josiah took swimming lessons.  He learned to bob his face in the water...

and kick his legs and swim in the deep end.
Not pictured, he jumped off the diving board and swam to the side!

Right now the mosquitos are horrendous.
 Here Tim has an electic mosquito killer that he is getting he mosquitos with.
The skeeters tend to swarm the door and many come in with you when you go in... :(
Josiah and I went to the Kenai River Festival to enjoy the kids activities
 while the girls and Shannon (our young male visitor) when to watch "Epic" at the Orca Theatre.


JoAnn said...

Looks like some great times. You live in a beautiful area.

John said...

It certainly looks like you had a lot of fun. I have one of those mosquito killers myself. How did we ever get along without them,LOL?