Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another trip to Homer

While our good friends, Leonard and Valerie were visiting, we took them to Homer.  They had a beautiful day to enjoy it.  Sadly, the tide did not get low enough during their stay here to make it as enjoyable as some tide pooling days we've had in the past.

Leonard and Valerie above Homer on Skyline Drive

These are the rocks we're normally traipsing all over looking at the wonderful sea creatures below the water line.

Jaedyn and Josiah found interesting sea creatures that looked like
a brain floating in the tide...  anyone know what that was?

To Jaedyn and Josiah, even long sea plants are something fun and interesting

I can never resist shooting pics of lupines anywhere

Of course afterwards we had to visit our favorite restaurant, The Mermaid Inn

Their family has interesting food restrictions similar to ours,
and Valerie, especially enjoyed the menu items as much as we do!

Off of the spit there were three people windsurfing - they were really good. 
Sea otters were there too, but I couldn't seem to get a pic of them together!

A view of the spit from Skyline Drive

The islands in the distance is where Tim and I seakayaked last year for our anniversary!

Some art from the Mermaid Inn

On the spit


PlainJane said...

Thanks for visiting Carol. I think I answered your question at my post. Very pretty landscape you have there!! Don't know what the brainy creature your kiddos have...octopus, coral, or an anemone of some kind would be my guess. Have a good week!

Jennifer Hoots said...

Great pictures!

JoAnn said...

Nice pictures. Looks like the visit was very enjoyable. :)

John said...

Hi Carol, great photos and it looks as if you had a great time. It makes me want to chuck all this work and travel around more than I do. Thanks again