Friday, September 7, 2012

Fireweed has finished blooming - fall is officially here

There are three kinds of berries in this picture - on top the dark red berries are the cranberries, the dark blue ones on the left side are moss berries, and I'm not sure the name of the pretty ones in the center, but they aren't edible.
In the past week, the fireweed has finished its blooming.  There has been a lot of wind for the past couple days, even to the point of closing down some businesses and knocking down a lot of trees in Anchorage.  We didn't get the 130 mph winds they did up north, but we have a tree in our front yard that is partially fallen, being held up by a neighboring tree on the other side of our driveway.

Doesn't this egg dish look yummy?  Tim saw one of our friends hinting on facebook to her husband that she would like him to make her some, and decided to treat me with some too!  It is sliced tomato with a fried egg, chopped red peppers and melted cheese - and it was delicious - especially served in bed!

I have been fighting my second cold in the past month.  So much for the wonderful immune enhancement of vitamin C and vitamin D :(.

We had a short week due the the holiday on Monday.  I enjoyed having an extra day to play.  We went geocaching and picked some low bush cranberries.  On Tuesday or Wednesday evening we found a large patch of wild strawberries about a block from our house and picked a small basketful.  It was nice to eat them with ice cream.

Elly displaying our harvest of wild strawberries.  (She didn't get new glasses, she's wearing some safety glasses she found in a geocache).


JoAnn said...

Sounds like a good week, except for the cold. Those strawberries look very yummy. :)

Anonymous said...

Fireweed -- I've heard such good things about making jelly from them but I have never tried them.

The wild strawberries look yummy!

Looks like a great week despite the high winds. I'm sorry about your tree.

John said...

Hi Carol, the egg sandwich looks good. I will have to give it a try, my own style. Berries are coming out here in Willow. I have a lot of Rose Hip berries.