Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sea Kayaking

Mt Iliamna was out on our way to Homer the morning of our trip.  I also took the picture of Mt Redoubt from my last post at this same time and place.
I am so proud of myself for being able to post this.  I used to be afraid of kayaks, but was very interested in hearing about other people's experiences sea kayaking.  This year for a belated anniversary celebration, Tim and went down out of Homer and experienced a day of sea kayaking with a man and his wife and a group of 5 others on the other side of Kachemak Bay.  I hope this won't be our only experience... I'd love to get some of our own kayaks and do this more, and even get the kids into it!

That is me at the back of our sea taxi ready to go over the Kachemak Bay to our island kayaking adventure.
Tim on the back of the sea taxi
That is the only pic of us together that came out :(.  We were exploring a little grotto and also got to see some cool little red birds on the cliffs.
My faithful partner and kayaking buddy.
Our guides behind a natural arch of rock near the grotto
Here our guides are displaying what will be part of our lunch - bull kelp
They also showed us some other edible plants on a little island which they chopped up and added to a salmon chowder that was quite tasty.  They served it with homemade bread a butter.  It was delicious!


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun

Anonymous said...


Cathy said...

I have always wanted to go kayaking too, but I've always been afraid of boats like that tipping. Since you are in Alaska, did you wear wete suits under your clothing? That looks like such a fun and romantic day.

Carol G said...

Cathy, the kayaks weren't very tippy. I never felt I was going to tip over. I think river kayaks are a lot more tippy. The man who was our guide said he had never in 20+ years had anyone go in. No we didn't wear wet suits.

Nell said...

Hi Carol, nice to meet you. Thank you for popping by my blog. I have posted some winter in Australia pictures for you. I hope you can pop back and look at them.
I am afraid that our winters are not very exciting we never get any real snow where we are.
I have really enjoyed looking at your blog.
Blessing to you

JoAnn said...

Wow, sounds like fun. Love the pictures from it all. So glad you got up the nerve to do it and that you had so much fun. :)

John said...

Hi Carol, nice to see you blogging again. Looks like you had a lot of fun.