Friday, October 25, 2013

A Trip to Kauai, Hawaii!

My dear daughter, Ciara and I went to Hawaii for a medical conference October 12-18.  I learned about pediatric topics in the mornings until 12:30 and she did her homework in the hotel room.

Kauai has beautiful wild cocks roaming all over.  Look close in this pic - you'll see a male and female and a clutch of young ones.

Near our resort was a neat formation of rocks and right off of them sea turtles came in to feed.

We watched two being buffeted about by the waves and feeding near the shore.

Down the road was this lava formation where the water would come up under it and spray out of two holes in the rock bed called "Spouting Horn"

We loved all the different variety of trees.  Around where we live here in Alaska there aren't nearly as many...

This alley of trees is delightful

Our first night in Hawaii


JoAnn said...

What beautiful photos and such a great place to go have a conference. Glad your daughter could go with and that you both had such a good time. :)

Illinois Lori said...

My dh and I spent a glorious week on Kauai as young marrieds...before the kids were born :-) I remember that alley of trees! Eucalyptus, aren't they? Spouting Horn...beautiful! So glad you and Ciara got to experience it!