Saturday, April 27, 2013

Family fun!

Random birdhouse from a home we visited in Anchorage.  Isn't it neat?
It's time I posted some pics from this winter...  It's almost over and we've been having us some good family times!  I'm intentionally going out and doing active things with the kids like hiking, taking walks and playing soccer in the street.  It gives us sore bodies and good memories, and hopefully will help me shed the extra pounds I've put on this winter!
Jaedyn, Josiah and Eliana in a tree in Anchorage while we visit Tim's Aunt who came to Alaska.

Jaedyn (front left) and Eliana (back left) brought some friends to a tea party.

Tim and I took the kids to Skilak Lake in February to beat the winter doldrums.  We made snow angels on the lake, found a kind of slope to slide down (sorry I didn't get pics there), and played a game where I went to hide in the woods next to the lake and everyone else came to find me.  It was a beautiful sunny day.

Jaedyn, always trying something a little uniquely...

Jae's angel


Elly's angel

Joe's angel
Josiah and Elly decide to make a tent and sleep in the living room one weekend, or perhaps over spring break.  The pics are deceiving because  it is actually a dark room before the flash goes off.  The white curtains are going across three dining room table chairs on which Josiah is sleeping, and the pink comforter is hiding Elly.

Oh to be five again and sleep on kitchen chairs in a tent as comfortably as if it were my own bed!

Elly says, "Really mom?  I'm sleeping!"
MidApril we took everyone to Homer to enjoy the great weather and to explore a hiking trail at Wynn Nature Center above the city.  There were beautiful views along the way, a great view of the town and the spit from above, and Josiah found a dried up starfish at the end of the spit.  The hike ended up being quite challenging as the snow was sometimes knee or hip deep (the kids were mostly able to walk on it, but Tim and I broke through frequently).  After the walk, the kids argued over who was going to get the heating pad when they got home.  Ciara's back ached a couple days.  Jaedyn's hips and knee hurt a couple days too.  This is another reason we're getting out and exercising more.

The family on the lookout tower

View from the lookout tower...that is Kachemak Bay

The kids needed frequent breaks

After the hike we went to this place I've been wanting to try out in the old town of Homer.

The Mermaid Cafe (B&B and bookstore).  Very neat place!

See, I really am a part of this family!  Josiah took the pic this time at the Mermaid Cafe.  We had pizza (very good) which even gave us the option of gluten-free crust (also pretty good!).  While we waited for the pizza we went and explored the used bookstore too.



JoAnn said...

Love all the pictures. Looks like a lot of fun. I love the snow angels, so cute. :)

John said...

Hi Carol, it is really good to see you back blogging, you are one of my favorites. Can't wait to follow you guys through the Spring and Summer and hopefully Winter to.