Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions...

Thinking about today being a new year, and also being inspired by others' lives and blogs (especially my sister, Linda, and JoAnn), I think I want to consider putting a limit on my computer and TV time and make an intentional plan to read to my children more, pick up my guitar again, and finally, to try to learn to crochet again.  Another thing Tim and I want to do is to become more intentional about building relationships with people outside of our family.

Reading to my children more:  My two youngest don't have the privilege of having had Mom home for 6 years with Sonlight curriculum.  My oldest two did.  We read together for hours everyday.  Now I work full time, and don't have a plan for reading to them.  My sister also works full-time.  She probably works more than I do.  Yet she has read every Magic Treehouse book to her son, and they have read the first 5 Harry Potter books.  I've tried to read good books to Eliana and Josiah, but have met some resistance.  Josiah doesn't like chapter books.  He wants picture books.  I think I will start by letting him choose a book, and by reading from the many Sonlight and Five In a Row books I have stocked up from 6 years of homeschooling the girls.  I may even get some Magic Treehouse books and read them too.  Josiah has liked them in the past.  Elly may just need her own reading time afterward with me, so we can read some bigger books.  If I don't make a plan with them, it won't happen.

Limit my screen time.  I have gotten to where a majority of my free time is spent either on my laptop or in front of the TV.  I find doing this is fulfilling and easy, and has become a habit/addiction.  I think I need to have set-aside times for TV and computer.  I'll have to do some thinking about specific timeframes.  Do any of you have limits set that work for you?

I will get out my guitar and keep it with some easy worship music so I can grab it up and play around with it for a little bit when I see it.

As far as crochet goes, this may take a little more planning as I am still a beginner, and my lack of know-how is a limitation.  Perhaps just trying and doing what I can will lead to easy projects that may lead to more projects, etc.  I will consider doing crocheting one time a week, maybe Sunday afternoons, and see what happens from there.

Finally, regarding intentional relationship building:  I think Tim and I need to plan, once a month, to invite friends over for a meal or to play games or for a holiday celebration like Passover or Shabbot.  We've lived in our house for about two years and have never gotten together with our next door neighbors.  We've had their kids over and have gone to their kids' birthdays, but have never fellowshiped with them together as a family.  We have a lot in common with them and enjoy them, but have never worked at making this happen.  We've talked about doing this for two years.  I think it is time to give it a try.

It seemed like a simple plan when I first wrote thought about my plans, but now seems daunting.  Will I be able to overcome my screen addiction for what seems to be great alternatives?  With prayer, I sure hope so!


Becky O'Hearn said...

Hi Sis, I will try to visit this more often. I usually depend on you posting the link to FB. I am glad you had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas season with your children and Tim. You have a wonderful family and are truly blessed. You have set some meaningful goals for the year. Plan how you will work toward them in ways that fit into your lifestyle. Remember that these activities will bring you joy and it is hard to not choose joy. Also, put the laptop away in a closet so it won't be so easy to pick up. :) I need to do the same. I have not made any new year's resolutions. I can't seem to focus on anything but moving into my new house. Love you sis!

Carol G said...

Hey, Becky. Good to see you here. I don't usually post my link on Facebook because I don't necessarily want EVERYONE to read it :). Maybe moving into your new house should be your 2012 resolution!

Jennifer Hoots said...

These are excellent goals. You seem to have a good plan, too. I have to force myself to socialize, so I do understand. It's overwhelming, but doesn't have to be. We just have to reach out. I'm speaking to myself here!

JoAnn said...

I think these are some great things to work towards. Take them all one day at a time, and give yourself some room to make mistakes. We all do.

I wish I did have more of a schedule for my online time, but being that I work online, my work and play time online kind of meld together. What I really need to watch is my FB time. If I can stay away from FB, then my online time will drop dramatically. :)

I do hope you pick up your crocheting again. Get books from the library or watch how-to videos from YouTube. Start out with dish cloths, they are simple, needed and it doesn't matter if you make mistakes. :)