Thursday, December 30, 2010

A silly thing to happen, but big consequences (warning graphic foto)

I broke my second toe on my right foot.  I wish you could  see the xray.  It is terrible.  It was a little over  week ago I was walking down our hallway in the dark in the morning.  I tripped on a wooden legged footstool that was misplaced in the hall.  I knew right away that I had broken it.  It was jagged out to the side and didn't feel like any jam I'd ever had (I am a former basketball player and I've had plenty!).  I went to my bed and told my husband that I broke my toe.  We turned on the light and looked at it.  It was hanging out to the toe side.  I straightened it up the best I could.

Since this picture, it got more purple, then all the middle toes were purple, now it is almost back to normal color, but it is still very sore!  I had it xrayed at work and the break is nasty with jagged edges.  One of my orthopedic colleagues looked at it and told me all I need to do is buddy-tape it.  The other people at work insisted that I call him since it still looked displaced.  He said it would heal fine :D.


A Homemaker's Heart said...

OUCH!!! Oh, I've done something very similar and it was some of the worse pain. It seemed to affect my entire foot and up into my leg.

I will pray for your pain to subside.

The Last Frontier said...

I hope it gets to feeling better soon, and that you are getting to sit down and rest it at work. Probably not much chance of that, though, is there?

Jenn4him said...

Oh my! I am glad you could have it checked by an expert. I would worry. Toes are amazing. Did you get a cast shoe to protect it? Grace had one when her toe was injured and it helped her cope.